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The struggle, for educators, today is to make education meaningful to their students. Educators strive to create academic excellence in their students while still maintaining the wellness of their students. Yet, more and more students are succumbing to the pressure to achieve with devastating effects on their wellbeing. At the same time, the pressure on educators to get results is having its effect on teachers as well. As one principal said to me “we are increasingly coming across students who stretch our skills”.

The dynamics in any classroom have an effect on teachers and students alike. Students struggle with their image and the relationships they have with the teacher and their peers, and that impacts on their behavioural. While teachers struggle with the external pressures of reporting, gathering evidence and resulting accountability while trying to deal with the classroom pressures of student engagement and student behaviour.

What teachers desperately need is a faster and easier way to deal with their relationships with all student and gain their student’s engagement. With my programs, they now have that.

Early identification is accepted as best practice when working with students. So, the more teachers understand the student’s preferred learning styles, the easier it is to gain their engagement and the easier it is to uncover their full potential and achieve their greatest outcomes.

In easy to follow programs, delivered in a variety of formats; face2face and on-line, one2one and in groups, structure and/or self-paced, you will discover how to:

  • Recognise each student’s individual learning style
  • More effectively interpret each student’s emotional states
  • Know in advance of how they will react in any given situation
  • Understand how they see you and how to use that information to your advantage, improving classroom behaviours and productivity.

What people are saying

Kenny Lou, father of 11-year-old boy

Academic Improvements

What you taught us and our son’s teacher has helped us steer him in the right direction. His behaviour has very much improved and his academic achievement has improved a lot.

Sammy Lao,
ASES Lead Teacher Savannah Elementary School

What a difference

Present school systems don’t allow us to work one on one with students, but with the skills and techniques Alan has taught me, I can work more positively with each student. I can see our jobs as teachers will be easier and more enjoyable when these skills at made more readily available.

Michael Griffiths, #1 Trainer, Referral Marketing Guru

Absolutely Amazing and Priceless

Alan blew us away with a 20 minute MP3 report he did of our 2-year-old daughter. Not only did he tell us the traits she had around her learning style, which helped us overcome a fear she had of the vacuum cleaner, he showed us how to understand and communicate with her in a better way. It’s now one year later and she is behaving and continues to progress as Alan said she would.

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