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Business People from all forms of business find that being able to read people can make massive improvements in their business growth.

Guy Thornycroft  speaks on Alan's interactive workshop at the Institute of Management Consultants

Rebekah Raftopoulas has an honours degree in Psychology with a major in Management and a minor stream in Public Relations. She is a Forensic Vocational Assessor, working in matters of workers' compensation and child sexual abuse. This is what she had to say after doing Alan's Advanced Communications Rapid Trait Profiling program

Scott Carson, Host of The Sunday Session and Men's coach group facilitator and Kylie Hutchinson, Death Doula share their experiences with Rapid Trait Profiling

Clyde Gonsalvez – Wealth Accelerator Specialist
@ Yellow Brick Road, St Marys gets exceptional results in just 2 lessons.

Steve Maidens CEO SME Media learns to Read Faces

Catherine McMurtrie
Advanced Accounts has since gone on to do the advanced Profiling for Business program

 James Short, Goals Tribe learns to Read Faces
You’ll see further on where James has used the same skills to understand and guide his children to greater results
After completing an Introduction workshop be took on my Advanced Class where he has gone on to make a

1,500% Return On Investment in just 6 Weeks.

Jean Kropper, Paper and Pixel, learns to Read Faces

Karen Chaston Brave Heart Women learns to Read Faces

Karen (Kaz) Pearce Braveheart Women

Paul Dunn of 360 Degree Marketing reports on Strategc Relationship Building

Barry Lindbeck, Lindbeck Partners

Justin Lindbeck, Yellow Brick Road Financial Advisors

Bradley Page Dowling Real Estate, Mayfield learns to Read Faces

Bradley then went on to do an Advanced Course and…..

I am using all the information learned from my face profiling program on a daily basis. Being in Real estate, I meet new people every day. It has helped me understand the people who I meet and talk to better. How to greet them, how close I stand to them, what softly probing questions I can ask to give me the answers I am after without them knowing what I am doing.

I am also using it in my private life. Helping me understand my two teenage children and their different personalities along with communicating with my wife better and understanding “ why” she asks so many questions, so when I answer them I give out detail that makes her understand my answer. If she still asks questions, then I haven’t spoken to her traits.

I certainly see it improving my business therefore increasing my income as I can now structure my presentations accordingly to the type of person and what their facial features tell me what type of presentation they are after.

I thoroughly recommend everyone should do some type of course will Alan.

Paul Battaglia Digital Junction

and 6 Months Later

As business owner in the IT services game, I found that I was not very successful in engaging with prospects.

I had a tendency of talking to much and losing people very early on in the sales process. After attending Alan’s course I got a better understanding of myself and how I need to engage with different types of people.

Six months down the track, i find that I’m better at engaging and building relationships with prospects and customers. My conversion rates are much higher than prior to the attending the course.”

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