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Healthy relationships are a vital component of health and wellbeing. It’s hard to function and enjoy the rest of our lives when we are unhappy in our personal relationships. We look for the Mr or Miss Perfect, only to end up with Mr or Miss Acceptable, or worse. We go out on date after date, spending countless hours, drinking just as many coffees, hoping the next one with be our perfect partner. We check out their dating profiles, we listen to who they say they are and what they love, only to find they don’t measure up or they have outright lied.

Once we do find a keeper, keeping them becomes the next challenge. With 50% of marriages failing and a large percentage of adults looking for romance outside of their marriage, it’s a huge challenge.
The secret to finding the right partner is first, you must know yourself and what you really want. Understand your own personality; what drives you and what pushes your buttons, both good and bad. Then, look for the personality traits that match what you are looking for. And finally, learn to speak to your partner in the way they want and need to be spoken to.

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How to know if they are telling you the truth - A shortcut to Finding and Keeping the Right Partner | taught by Alan Stevens

What people are saying

Samantha Riley,
Coaches & Consultants, The Accelerant Group

A course full of value bombs.

This is an excellent course, not just for the online dating scene, but for all area's of your life. The information is delivered in bite-sized pieces, so it's easy to consume and understand. I thoroughly recommend this for anyone who wants to create deeper relationships by understanding people's motivators.


Melina Macdonald,
Co-founder at Intimacy TV

Time saver for online dating!

As an educator in the Dating field I was able to navigate people a lot faster and with greater accuracy after this short course. It helped me to identify best ways to approach someone or whether to avoid them altogether

Renee Catt,
Founder and Director at Separation Success

Super insightful

I love this course!! Talk about taking your dating to a whole new level of understanding. It was quick and simple to follow and found it extremely interesting.

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