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Every child has a unique personality and gifts, no matter their situation. When those gifts are recognised and cultivated, the child can grow to their greatest potential.

Every parent wants their children to excel in life, grow up healthy and be happy. And as parents, we need to realise that we are not sculptures or carpenters, we are gardeners. It is not our job to turn our children into ideas that we have about them. Our job is to nurture and cultivate their potential so that they can become the best they can be. Being able to understand their personality traits shows us the best way to nurture and guide our children.

We all love and want the best for them, yet sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye and conflicts arise. Understanding, not only their traits but also our own, shows us where and why we have conflicts. Being able to recognise theirs and our personality traits gives us the skills to communicate with them on the level they need, which increases understanding between adult and child, and reduces conflicts.
We can teach you how to read your child’s traits or you can have us read them for you. Alan Steven is an international profiling specialist & teach parents how to read a child’s traits. Contact us today for family & child development courses!

What people are saying

Heidi Evans,
CEO. My P.A. Life Management

Wow! Alan, you have taken understanding my children to a whole new level!

I knew they were both musical but when you explained the benefits of adding background music to the stressful parts of their day – my goodness, what a profound effect and change I have seen in them! And this is just one small point that you covered in your extensive profiling of my children!

James Short, OIC, GoalsTribe

Alan gave me some incredible techniques to understand my 2 children in a whole other way which I never thought possible. It’s given us the ability to really harness their strengths and take them to new heights. My Daughter, at the time 7 years old, has written and published her first book and become the youngest person to climb the Sydney Harbour bridge. Alan saw a music trait in my son, who was then 5 years old. We developed that side and he absolutely loves it and shine.

Catherin McMurtrie,
CEO, Advanced Accounting

Nailed It!

Alan Profiled a friend and her adolescent daughter to pin point the traits that were creating conflict and friction between them. Alan pin pointed exactly what the issues were and help them to communicate more effectively. When I spoke with the daughter she opened up and confirmed everything that was going on for her at school. It was everything that Alan said would be going on. It was amazing.

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