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Gaining and keeping clients and customers is paramount to a business’s survival and its growth. Knowing that the client buys you before they buy your services, building instant trust is crucial.

And the faster you can build rapport, the quicker you’ll gain their trust. Knowing how to speak to them in the way they prefer to be spoken to will determine your success. If you can understand their individual personalities; how they prefer to be spoken to, you will know how to speak to them productively.

Business courses & coaching programs


Advanced Communications

This is an Advanced Communications Skills program designed to enhance workplace productivity, increase sales and build teamwork to maximise profits and cooperation.


Profiling For Profit

This is a 6-month coaching program for Executive in the fields of HR, Real Estate, Finance and Professional Sales.


Business Essentials Fast Start

Fondly known as the Meet and Greet program, it covers 7 personality traits that tell you how others prefer to think, act and communicate. In short, how to build instant rapport.

What people are saying

Tanya Gray,
Sales Effectiveness Specialist, Sales Trainer and Coach, Speaker and Best-Selling Author

A great first course and I am hooked! Thanks so much, I really feel I am equipped with practical tools to partial profile someone prior to meeting with them. This will be very useful in building trust quickly.

Bradley Page,
Dowling Real Estate,

I certainly see it improving my business and increasing my income as I can now structure my presentations accordingly to the type of person and what their facial features tell me what type of presentation they are after.

I thoroughly recommend everyone should do some type of course will Alan.

James Short, OIC, GoalsTribe

Excellent Content

By being able to read my clients, I have increased my income by $70k in just 6 weeks. By being able to tap into what’s important to my clients faster. And I’m getting sales through the door quicker than ever before

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