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In Schools

  • Mar 21 / 2015
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In Schools

Human Trait Recognition offers huge advantages to Teachers, Careers Advisors and to Students


Present statistics show the vast majority of students leave school with little or no idea of what career will suit them.  Government and Education reports state that;

  • 100 Australian children complete suicide each year with up to 5 children attempting suicide every day
  • One quarter of our teenagers suffer significant psychological stress with 7000 young people a year admitted to hospital after self harming.
  • With such problems 85% of teachers still can’t detect a suicidal student.

The facts show that the majority of our students lack direction and self esteem, while on the other side teacher skills are not keeping up with the demand (as reported by the Grattan Institute).

If improving teacher effectiveness benefits our children and young people who stay in school longer can expect to earn an additional 8-10% per year for each additional year of education they undertake then we need to do things differently.

This is where Human Pattern Recognition, and in particular Human Trait Recognition, comes in. While psychometric tests and psychological profiles group individuals into categories often causing them to feel judged, or more than often feeling misjudged – HTR recognises the student’s personal differences and validates who they are as a unique individual.

Some traits are hereditary while others develop through time and experiences. Of these approximately 28 traits in particular develop in each student through their school years.   With some training they are easily recognisable by the trained eye.



For students; to have a better self understanding is the first and most important step.  With greater self awareness of their own personalities, students can ;

  • determine their passions and unique strengths
  • understand other students far better
  • learn how to deal with the so called weaknesses
  • raise their self esteem and improve relationships with other students and teachers.
  • discover what careers would best suit them

Trained Careers Advisors and Teachers can introduce and guide students to a far more enjoyable school experience and future adult life.

For Teachers and Careers Advisors; they can recognise behaviours related to traits as opposed to  those behaviours pointing to particular developing problems.  Without engaging with the students, teachers can recognise emotional issues as they arise.

By just looking and with great accuracy teachers can recognise the learning styles and likely student behaviours in much earlier time frames.  A number of traits indicate if a child will have learning difficulties or will be easily distracted or disruptive.

Teachers can recognise before their first class begins each student’s particular learning style, hence reducing the number of students misdiagnosed with learning disabilities or condition such as ADHD.

By being aware of the particular traits, teachers can address the issues with little effort; making their teaching more effective for the students and more enjoyable for the students and themselves.

The positive impact of HTR on both students and teachers can be hugely beneficial and when coupled with the other components of HPR, it can change the experience to be so much better for both students and teachers.

How important is it to you as a parent, an educator or a careers advisor that we give our students a more rewarding and enjoyable experience?

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