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For Individuals

  • Sep 04 / 2016
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For Individuals

Understanding ourselves gives us greater understanding of others which leads to improved communications and better quality of life.

Being able to read another person means you can anticipate situations and plan for different outcomes in advance.  Rapid Pattern Profiling can change the outcome of negotiations and difficult situations for more amenable or profitable ones.

RPP has numerous components which help you read others by way of their unconscious reactions to situations and the conscious way they prefer to react and behave.


One year after receiving their original profiles

Another 2 years on

Reading people’s emotions through their unconscious behaviours

You can learn to read other people; read their true feelings through their Micro and Subtle Facial Expressions and through their Body Language.

There is so much going on at a physiological level that no individual can hide their true emotions completely. Their emotions will “leak” in one form or another especially when, for them, there is a lot at stake as in the case of trying to conceal the truth. The more they have to risk, the more their emotions will leak in one visual form or another.

No matter how fast the leak may come and go, having these skills means you can detect that there is more to a situation than is presented in the conversation.

Whether you are dealing with;

  • Children
  • Personal or Business Relationships
  • Friends and Neighbours
  • Work colleagues, bosses or employees
  • Disputes and Negotiations…

in fact any situation where not everything is being said.  Reading what is not being said puts you in a more commanding and informed position.

If you find yourself in a position that may leave you exposed to the over reactions of others, for instance in a dispute situation, doing security work or even just out socialising where there could be undesirable elements present; being able to recognise a dangerous situation is imperative to your wellbeing.  Dangerous Demeanour Detection, a component of reading Micro Expressions, is an easily learnt tool that you need.

Reading a person’s Personality

Being able to see ourselves as others see you, as well as read other people with greater accuracy, gives you an advantage and the ability to prepare for, and approach, situations in a more enlightened manner.

Every day we look at people and make judgements on what we see.  To not judge would not be human and we cannot function without making judgements. However, we can make those judgements more perceptive and discerning through recognising the other person’s personality traits. In other words, recognising how they take and process information, how they make decisions and how they are likely to behave in the moment, with the outcome of validating who they are rather than just making judgements.

Rapid Trait Profiling, a component of RPP, shows you how to read a person’s traits through recognising the connection between their body and facial features with how they are likely to physically and emotionally act, how they prefer to express themselves, how they will respond to their environment, and how they present themselves to others.  Viewing the different traits together to get a unique read on each person, validating their individually unique personality and seeing them as a valuable human being.

Being able to understanding the correlation between traits and their combined effect, recognise dominant traits over less significant ones and how to recognise which traits override behaviour when the person is subject to stress is the advantage that RTP has over any other means.

If there are 7 billion people on the planet, then there are 7 billion separate and different personalities and RTP is the only tool that can distinguish each person as an individual in their unique right.

Together through the definably different components of RTP you are far better equipped to deal with every aspect of human relationships including;

  • Understand who you really are.
  • Discover your gifts and what possible challenges you might face in life.
  • Know immediately how the person you are talking to will react.
  • Know how to assign the right person to the correct job.
  • Know how much information to give to any individual.
  • Understand the six basic traits for an ideal partner.
  • Understand your partner and why the things that brought you together may later cause conflict.
  • Avoid misunderstandings in dealing with others.
  • Understand your children and their learning abilities.
  • Be able to guide and teach your children far more effectively
  • How to recognise mood swings, understand their causes and how they affect you and others

Rapid Pattern Profiling is unique World Wide.  It combines techniques and skills that are not found together anywhere else.  Being unique yourself, isn’t RTP a skill you deserve to master?