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  • Sep 18 / 2016
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In Business

Rapid Pattern Profiling consists of several skills as mentioned in the page ABOUT RPP. The blend and emphasis of those skills depends on the business needs and the level within the organisation where they are to be applied.

Rapid Pattern Profiling is extremely useful for all business whether it be for:

  • Staff recruitment and development
  • Human Resource management up-skilling
  • Sales and team building
  • Negotiations
  • Staff reviews
  • Investigations
  • Customer service improvements
  • Customer relations

Of the different components, RTP (Rapid Trait Profiling) is the most useful for staff selection and team building. Unlike conventional psychometric testing, like the Myers Briggs Type Indicators or DISC programs, RTP is not limited by the individuals age, understanding or cultural background and it is done completely independent of individuals conscious involvement.Through simple observation you can read anyone without them ever having to participate in a written, verbal or on-line assessment. This gives you the ability to recognise what makes your clients tick and what are their buying motives, what motivates and drives your staff, also knowing in advance how they will most likely react in a given situation.

When you couple this to what you are able to read in their body language and their unconscious facial expressions, you not only know how they are likely to consciously behave, you can now detect what they are not telling you and what they really feel.

These tools give you a wider understanding of internal and external clients and together they validate who the person is and how they feel at any moment or given situation.

This is an extremely powerful tool for managers at all levels of any organisation.