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Listen here to how one family's life was changed 8 years ago.. forever! 

Navigating the Impact of Asperger and the School Years - A Solution Beyond Medication

Father talks about the changes his wife and he found in their son.
They learnt how to talk to his personality style and found behaviour and academic improvements  

Catherine McMurtrie, on the benefits of knowing your Child’s traits and knowing how to talk to them

Holly Nunan, CEO Powerful Parenting on  what she learnt about her 3 daughters

Robyn McAlpine, Creator at Skinside Out, Newcastle, Australia
Alan proved that language, culture, and upbringing are no boundaries to his abilities

Five months later, James speaks about the heights his daughter has risen

And further into the future, James speaks about how their lives have changed and continue to improve

James Short speaks about the results of his son and daughter’s profile

Heidi Evans 9 months later, speaks about how her relationship with her daughters has been made so much better

Michael Griffiths, the Marketing Guru and an ex-teacher speaks on the results they continue to get 2 years later

Kylie Hutchinson, one year after Alan profiled her son, who suffers from Asperger, spoke at the Newcastle City Hall Hunter BE Health Forum

Kylie Hutchinson, a further 2 years on, speaks about the increasing and ongoing improvements in hers and her son’s lives

Joshua T Berglan’s Morning Gratitude 
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