Profile Me App

ProfileMe is a Face Profiling APP that shows you how to understand yourself better and to recognise how other people prefer to behave by looking at the person’s Facial Features.

Read and Understand People with the World’s First Professional Profiling App.

It looks at 7 major traits that are easily recognisable in yourself or any person you meet.

Discover the traits that indicate:

  • Confidence
  • Friendliness
  • Tolerance
  • Humour
  • Generosity
  • How people view their world
  • Personal Magnetism

Profile Me is the beginning of a new world of understanding relationships.


Profile Match

Profile Match will take you to an all new level of understanding and building relationships

Build rapport instantly and  know if the person is who they say they are

Like ProfileMe, Profile Match is no novelty toy. It’s a genuine business and relationship building tool. It will show you how to build stronger relationships, especially with those special people in your life .  Profile Match could even help you find your perfect partner. Profile Match will show you how to talk to each person based on their individual personalities. Where ProfileMe showed you how to read personalities, Profile Match will help you speak to people much more effectively and far more easily. The more you use Profile Match – the more you’ll be able to understand what drives other people. It will show you how to connect with them and build rapport faster than ever before. Double your pleasure and also download my first app ProfileMe. With Profile Match and ProfileMe together you’ll have more than double the fun.

Here's what people are saying

Emma Ziff
Sex and Relationship Expert

ProfileMe is a fun and incredibly useful tool for relationships.  People to whom I have introduced this App,  have found that it has made a big difference in understanding their partner’s personality traits for better communication.

 Adrianne Carter 
General Manager, Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd.

The Profile Me app is a great new tool – easy to use and understand, it will help all understand this very powerful way of understanding themselves and others and decoding the personality via the face.  Adrianne Carter -  General Manager at Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd.  Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Bernadette Elwin
North End Child Care Learning Center, Rhode Island, USA

Profile Me is an effective application that uses a person’s facial features to get an understanding on how one’s facial features influence the behaviors of others

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