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Aussie students fall two years behind Asian pupils

“If a kid [in Australia] is that far behind [in a classroom] we would consider him disadvantaged. They would likely be put into the remedial class,” said researcher Dr Ben Jensen, director of the school education program at the Melbourne-based think tank the Grattan Institute.

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Newcastle Herald Weekender Interview Nov 2011

(Alan) Most of my life I’ve been in positions where interactions with other people have been a major focus. I’d say though, that I became more interested in the 1980’s as a Surf Lifesaver looking to understand why people put themselves in obvious danger and how some reacted after they were rescued, and in the role as an Examiner, the way students saw the surf differently.

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Recognising Traits for Jury Selection

As I’ve explained in previous Blogs and Posts, humans have had a fascination for faces and what they interpret from the features and expressions. Where Micro Expressions are the unconsciously “leaked” indicators that give away what a person may be trying to conceal, Facial Features (the structure of a person’s face) can tell you how a person prefers to process information and how they are likely to behave in any given situation.

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