The 7 Secrets that all Coaches and Consultants need to know to Connect, Influence and Engage with their Prospects and Clients

Have you ever spoken to someone where everything is going well, but all of a sudden, they just switch off? They keep interrupting, finishing off your sentence, trying to hurry you up, or they keep going back over what you have already covered, asking endless questions?

How do you recognise how to speak to people, in the way they want to be spoken to, even before the conversation starts? It's all written in their face. 

Two Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear.

In these secrets you will learn:

  • in one of these tips, how to increase profits and negotiations and build your business, personal and private relationships
  • in several videos, how personality traits can be used immediately to improve your business, personal and social relationships.
  • in another video, how to read a person's emotions and how to know if they are telling you the truth

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The 7 Secrets to Reading People to Increase Your Sales Conversions and Build Better Relationships

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Learn how to build stronger relationships in all areas of business. The tips covered will assist you to:
  • building a stronger workplace culture to improve performance.
  • reduce workplace and personal conflict to reduce stress and retain staff.
  • improving sales performance, increase conversions and profits
  • improve communications and negotiation skills

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