Don’t Crowd Me

Don’t Crowd Me

It takes just one tenth of a second to judge someone and make a first impression. In that brief moment people assess your trustworthiness and attractiveness. The impression you give will impact greatly on how you are seen and treated. In that brief moment, they have already asked themselves “is this person someone I want to associate with and or do business with”. It’s indisputable that you’re not going to get a second chance at the first impression and you certainly don’t want to get it wrong.

First impressions tend to be very stable, so get it right at the get-go. The impression the person has, determines their treatment of you, from that point forward. If you miss or hit on the first impression people tend to set out to prove their first impression was right about you. If you get it wrong they will tend to mistrust you and everything you try to tell them. On the other hand, those who gain a great first impression are treated as if they can do no wrong. No one does business with anyone they don’t trust so it’s obvious how you want to be seen.

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Alan Stevens