In my business I talk to loads of Coaches and so called leaders. Far too often though it leaves me feeling flat, and in too many case even depressed. Is this all that the market has to offer?  How can so many leaders and coaches be so blind to the bleeding obvious?

RULE 1  I will never do business with anyone I don’t like, know or trust.

RULE 2  Nothing else happens without Rule 1.

Rule 1 is the rule that governs all business. But far too many people, business of all types, male and female alike don’t operate their business with that in mind. What can you expect when many of their coaches can’t grasp the concept themselves.

So, over the last few years have been all about building collaborations. Making connections and sussing out who is who; separating the quality from the dross so to speak.

…..And hasn’t it been a full on couple of year!

I’m not surprised that people have no idea of what you’re referring to when you say “are you interested in collaboration”. I do enjoy watching the suspicion; the micro expressions and body language when I say I’d like to catch up and find out more about you. They really freak out when I say no I’m not here to sell to them. They are obviously telling me, “but you have to be lying, because that’s the way I operate”.  NO! My intent is to find out who they are… and that might just be their greatest fear – they are worried I’ll know what they really think of themselves. (see my post https://www.alanstevens.com.au/do-you-fear-what-others-think/ for more on that)

How plain can I put it….I want to know who you are, why you do what you do and how I might be able to help you and who I know that you might help. 

I couldn’t understand why Australia is very last of all of the OECD countries when it comes to collaboration and we are 116 out of 142 countries in innovation – now I can. Yes a nation that used to be at the top of innovation is now is near the bottom of the heap. The answer is it’s the blind leading the blind.

2015 was a huge year in building true business communities and in 2016 it’s on steroids. Collaborations being created with some truly inspirational leaders. Each and everyone one of these wonderful people have been able to answer the most important question that anyone can ask a Coach…


Every last one of them has a coach and they could tell me why. For those of you who call yourself coaches and you don’t have a coach yourself….get over yourself. If you think you’re that shit hot, you’ve reached your level of incompetence.

I only want to collaborate with coaches and leaders who are on their way up, not on their way down.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had coaches and still do and as long as I don’t suffer some severe brain damage I always will. My coaches change depending on where I’m heading, what I need to learn now. I wouldn’t rob my clients by not having my own coach. The better you are at what you do and the better you want to, and the more able you are to help your clients. The more you need a coach.

One coach of mine eventually became one of my clients. She did that because she knew that what I taught would benefit her too. Then we became colleagues, working on business, community and education services. She still is a source of advice and collaboration. Because we both had that open mind we have created so much more business and opportunities for both of us.

There is no such thing as the “pupil becomes the teacher”. We are teacher and student at the same time, so put your egos away.

I’ve embraced a phrase for several decades now. When I’m asked if I am a teacher I reply “I don’t teach or coach people, I do far more than that, I learn people” Those of you who get it, let’s catch up. For those who don’t, let me explain.

  • A teacher teaches what they know.
  • The student learns all they have to offer and eventually passes the teacher by.
  • The teacher coach has hit their level of incompetence.

There is nowhere else they can go, other than sideways or out. If you are in business you don’t want those coaches taking you with them.

Someone who learns others, learn while they teach. They grow and give extra value to their students and clients that the teacher coaches can’t give.

If you are looking for a coach, ask the coach “Who is your coach”. Listen to the answer and not just the words.  Are they between coaches, if so that’s fine. Listen to how they say it.  If the tone is “why would I need a coach”, they have no idea what coaching is about and what your hiring is their ego.

Remember that just like prostitutes, you’ll find a coach (of all types) on any corner. The difference is that some of us will give your business and relationship herpes while the best of us will give you the ride of your life.  Good luck!

Now who wants to talk about collaboration?  Come and chat at www.alanstevens.com.au/contact


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Alan Stevens, International Profiling and Communications Specialist, has been featured on National TV profiling the likes of our leading politicians, TV and sports stars as well as Britain’s Royalty. He works with Business and Health Professionals, Teachers and Parents to help them understand people far more effectively through Advanced Visual Rapid Trait Profiling. With the number of profiles running into the thousands Alan’s services are unique and unrivalled in the field of reading people.


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