There is no limit to how young a child has to be before you can read some their personality traits. I was sitting in a busy café enjoying a coffee one day when I observed a group of women with their children. One of the mothers was getting agitated as her young son sitting in a high chair was banging away at the table. She was obviously worried about what the other customers were thinking.

Unperturbed by the noise, I was more interested in the rhythm of his banging. I noticed he had the features that indicated he had a music trait. Please note that any child can learn music, but a child with the music trait has an advantage over other children. I pointed it out to his mother and got her to take her attention away from the other people and focus on the rhythm. We talked about how she could use music to guide his moods. How it could be used to help him study as he grew older. And along with the high hand dexterity trait he also had that playing musical instruments could also be a hobby, an interest or even a career for him later in life. Needless to say her attitude to her son was completely changed. In no time at all she went from a concerned parent to a proud one.

On another occasion I profiled a 2 year old girl who had had huge fear of the vacuum cleaner. She’d been terrified by its noise since she was 2 months old. I explaining to her father how she learnt and the best way to teach her. He applied what I said and now she wants to push the vacuum around. is their story.

This goes to show that when you understand how they prefer to learn can change their lives. A child is never too young to be profiled. Even a newborn child can display up to 10 different traits and as they grow older they will develop and display more traits. By the age of 5 years there are up to 24 traits, 40 by the age of 10 and 60 individual traits long before school leaving age. Once you know how to recognise those traits you can help them find the sports, hobbies and careers that will suit their personalities. And knowing your child’s personality traits will change your relationship with them and help you be a better parent.

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Alan Stevens