Twitter Spammer – an intro

Would You Open The Link Appearing In This Tweet?

If yes, why?  Because you’re curious?  Because you trust it? I really hope not!

Never open a link in a tweet from someone you don’t know. Especially anyone who hasn’t bothered to upload an Avatar that you can recognise. Eggs are a dead giveaway for scammers, spammers and people in hiding.

The only links I ever open are the;

  • links I’m expecting
  • those from someone I recognise.

If there isn’t an explanation along with the link, then I don’t open them. That doesn’t mean to say  just ignore these messages.   Just don’t let your curiosity take control.

Have a look at the person tweeting you.

  • do they have an avatar?
  • how many followers do they have?
  • what does their profile say?
  • do they even have a profile?
  • how many tweets have they sent and received?
  • what were the contents of those tweets?
  • are they having discussions or just spamming?

Do your due diligence and check things out for yourself.


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Alan Stevens