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Success Stories

  • Oct 08 / 2015
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Success Stories

Why is having these skills important to you?

Because you can use them in all


These people have been clients and or students and they tell you what you can achieve.

Many of these Success Stories were reported many years after I had worked with them. In a number of case, some 4 or 5 years down the track. 
Can you recall anyone else you know who has this form or success or reputation?
Video Success Stories
 1.  Coaches, Counsellors and Psychotherapists
2.  Relationships,
3.  Business,
3.  Mental Health,
5.  Understanding Children
6.  In Schools
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7.  LinkedIn Success Stories
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 Aaron Elliott, Wiseguy Counselling

incorporated Rapid Trait Profiling and Behavioural Patterns

to take his counselling to an whole new level.


Michelle Lee, a Transformational Youth Coach.

This is Michelle’s account of how Rapid Trait Profiling is working for her and her clients



Alex Luther, on the benefits of knowing your partner’s traits and knowing how to communicate with them


Catherine McMurtrie, on the benefits of knowing your Child’s traits and knowing how to talk to them



 Clyde Gonsalvez – Wealth Accelerator Specialist

@ Yellow Brick Road, St Marys gets exceptional results in just 2 lessons.


 Steve Maidens CEO SME Media learns to Read Faces


 Catherine McMurtrie Advanced Accounts has since gone on to do the advanced Profiling for Business program



 James Short Goals Tribe learns to Read Faces

You’ll see further on where James has used the same skills to understand and guide his children to greater results

After completing an Introduction workshop be took on my Advanced Class where he has gone on to make a

1,500% Return On Investment in just 6 Weeks.




 Bradley Page Dowling Real Estate, Mayfield learns to Read Faces

Bradley then went on to do an Advanced Course and…..

I am using all the information learned from my face profiling program on a daily basis. Being in Real estate, I meet new people every day. It has helped me understand the people who I meet and talk to better. How to greet them, how close I stand to them, what softly probing questions I can ask to give me the answers I am after without them knowing what I am doing.

I am also using it in my private life. Helping me understand my two teenage children and their different personalities along with communicating with my wife better and understanding “ why” she asks so many questions, so when I answer them I give out detail that makes her understand my answer. If she still asks questions, then I haven’t spoken to her traits.

I certainly see it improving my business therefore increasing my income as I can now structure my presentations accordingly to the type of person and what their facial features tell me what type of presentation they are after.

I thoroughly recommend everyone should do some type of course will Alan.


Jean Kropper, Paper and Pixel, learns to Read Faces


 Karen Chaston Brave Heart Women learns to Read Faces



 Karen (Kaz) Pearce Braveheart Women


 Paul Battaglia Digital Junction

and 6 Months Later

As business owner in the IT services game, I found that I was not very successful in engaging with prospects.

I had a tendency of talking to much and losing people very early on in the sales process. After attending Alan’s course I got a better understanding of myself and how I need to engage with different types of people.

Six months down the track, i find that I’m better at engaging and building relationships with prospects and customers. My conversion rates are much higher than prior to the attending the course.”


 Paul Dunn of 360 Degree Marketing reports on Strategc Relationship Building



Barry Lindbeck, Lindbeck Partners



Justin Lindbeck, Yellow Brick Road Financial Advisors



 Tim Stevens and benefits of HPR in addressing PTSD

He then reported in 18 months later and had this to say

PTSD isn’t something you get over overnight but Tim tells how he’s moving forward with what he’s learnt and how his life has much greater purpose.

What can you do when you have the barriers of Language and Culture?

“I want to thank Alan for recently helping me with two young street kids I met in India in March this year.

 I contacted Alan after a chance meeting with two young boys requiring medical intervention. They began visiting my home daily for medical needs, meals and bathing. Once their health was improved, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to best help them further as we had a language barrier and cultural differences to contend with.

Alan has proven that language, culture, and upbringing are no boundaries to his abilities. Despite not speaking the same language, Alan was able to give me thorough and accurate information regarding their natural abilities, their learning styles and their interests. The more time I spent with these boys, the more I could see these traits and others I had previously suspected were confirmed.

Alan’s reading of their facial features opened up a world of opportunities for these boys. Knowing their strengths and learning styles helped me to position these two boys with mentors who now understand their needs. Knowledge is empowering and Alan’s help has given me the tools to help create a brighter future for these two young boys.

 I cannot speak highly enough of Alan’s abilities. Thank you for helping me to create better lives for these two boys. I am excited to see what their future brings”. Robyn McAlpine Creator at Skinside Out, Newcastle, Australia


Holly Nunan, CEO Powerful Parenting on  what she learnt about her 3 daughters


Alan Profiles James Short’s 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter, pointing out their unique gifts. The same gifts that Alan knew would cause them problems at school. James put the advice into action immediately and this is what happened.


6 Months later after nurturing his daughter’s traits he reported again on what she had achieved 

She is now a published author at the age of 8 and the youngest person to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge


..  then another 6 Months later again..

What an adventure it has been so far!

My two kids Lilly (8) and Tiger (6), had different strengths and different ways in communicating with them.
Lilly the more adventurous one, whilst Tiger the more quieter reserved one. Alan gave me some incredible techniques to understand both of them in a whole other way which I never thought of. It’s given us the ability to really harness their strengths and take them to new heights. Almost 12 months later, here are some of the results.

With Tiger, we know he likes playing in small groups and doesn’t like being the centre of attention. Therefore we have pulled him out of Rugby (which he didn’t like much anyway) and now focusing on building his confidence through more play dates with friends and giving him some key strategies to work with at school for games to play.

Alan suggested his love of music so we have developed this side and always encouraging him to sing and dance at home and put on performances – he absolutely loves it and shines (look out the VOICE in a few years).

Then there is Lilly. Having the adventurous trait I was a little concerned initially, but now, WOW… Take off… She has written and published her first book, and wants to write another one. Looking to start her own video blog; has got a book almost complete of songs she has written herself. She always finds ways to make money – even the other day she made home-made lemonade, where she created her own stall out the front of the house and sold it to passer-buyers. I have been educating her on the ways people make money and she loves it. She is a driver and excels in everything she does, truly amazing!!!

So, Alan sincere thank you once again for giving us these amazing gifts to harness and let our children excel – truly blessed”

What a transformational story

Would you like to know what your child can achieve?

Well James now found his son also blossomed. 
18 months after Tiger was profiled, this is where he is now




 Michael Griffiths The Referral Network Guru on his 2 year old daughter

.. and 12 Months later

Michael says, “Alan’s ability to guide you is second to none”


Wow! Alan you have taken understanding my children to a whole new level!

I knew they were both musical but when you explained the benefits of adding background music to the stressful parts of their day – my goodness, what a profound effect and change I have seen in them! And this is just one small point that you covered in your extensive profiling of my children! You are heaven sent Alan! I thank you AND my children thank you – because their days are calmer and more peaceful.

Heidi Evans, Founder, CEO and PA (Problem Assassinator) – Making life easy!

…then 9 Months later this is what Heidi had to say…



One year after Alan profiles Kylie Hutchinson’s son, who has Asperger Syndrome, Kylie spoke of their experience at the Regional BE Health Forum where Alan was a key speaker

(further down the page you’ll find her written account from shortly after Alan did his profile and gave his advice.)

… and another 3 years later Kylie spoke out again  on how Alan’s work is still enriching their lives


By understand her son, Kylie has been able to empower herself and her son no longer needs to see a psychologist    


Teachers @ East Maitland Primary School, NSW Australia

And more recently – Overseas School Success Stories

Sammy Lao, ASES Lead Teacher, Savannah Elementary School, Los Angeles



“Think the Mentalist meets Dr Phil meets Dr Cal Lightman from Lie To Me.”

David Stewart
Newcastle Herald


Tanya Gray2

A great first course and I am hooked! Thanks so much, I really feel I am equipped with practical tools to partial profile someone prior to meeting with them. This will be very useful in building trust quickly.

Tanya Gray, Sales Effectiveness Specialist, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author

Tanya completed the Fast Track Introduction course, which covered 7 traits

9 months later ..

“I am using two of the seven traits more than the rest.

I use the big picture/detail and the way people process information (the forehead) when I am in a training room.  It helps me to coach more specifically and ensures I am delivering the right scenarios.

 I am also using it for prospecting – It helps me get into the prospect head before I meet them.  I am happy to be well prepared before speaking with a prospect.”


Katia Loisel2

Fascinated about non-verbal communication and face profiling? Then you’ll love watching The Celebrity Profiler Alan Stevens pictured here on set of The Love Destination Expert Series with our fabulous Production Assistant Jean-Pierre Yerma. I can’t wait to bring you the show!

Alan Love Destination

The Love Destination Expert Series proudly brought to you by EK Life and will air on The Love Destination soon.

Katia Loisel  Content Development & Producer, Relationship & Body Language Expert, TV Host, Speaker


Graeme Fitzgerald

As a business coach, there is no greater need than to enhance the understanding of communication between people. I decided to work with Alan as I recognised that his skills and knowledge can greatly enhance the value I add to my clients.

Being a skilled business coach, to stay ahead of the market I felt I needed skills that other business coaches don’t have. I’ve found that the skills acquired from Alan have given me an edge.

Some of those skills include being able to read what clients aren’t telling you (and enhancing my ability to be their “unreasonable friend” – calling the victim behaviour), guiding them to understand and motivate their staff for greater productivity and being able to see the positive side of any situation. These are skills that I am using now and my clients are reaping the rewards from.
Graeme Fitzgerald, Profitability & Productivity Specialist | Strategy Development & Implementation

….and now 2 Years later

Whilst it has been sometime since I worked with Alan, I find that I am using the skills and knowledge developed in the programme as a component of how I work with clients, prospects and general networking.

The work around body language, seating for advantage is especially valuable during the trust development phase either in selling, or the first 2 months working with clients. I have found increasingly that I utilise positional seating and trust building actions such as where to look and sit.

The face profiling skills, I am continuing to refine and develop.”


Robert Coorey

I met Alan Stevens last week at a business event and he is remarkable in his ability to understand body language. It’s worth checking him out.

Robert Coorey  Financial Services Marketer, TV Pilot Presenter, Author of Feed A Starving Crowd.



“I was simply amazed! From only 5 photos, through his Human Trait Recognition profile, Alan Stevens described my son’s key characteristics and how he interacts with the world around him. Alan, you nailed it!  Yet, the most constructive part was having a discussion with Alan, being able to recognise how these traits impact upon my son’s preferred learning style and offering tips for both myself and his teachers so that my son’s learning efforts will be more effective.”  Kathryn Dalla Fontana Consultant at KDF Consulting



“They say that communication is based on the response you get. In Alan’s case he is a pioneer in the development of greater self awareness as he sets a new horizon in the understanding of people through his facial profiling technology. The flow on affect of Alan’s work is immense as it will have a positive affect, not only on you as an individual, but more importantly your partner, friends, family and everyone you come in contact with in daily life. It is also a tribute to Alan’s deep generosity that he shares his unique skills and experience in such a joyous, affordable and easy to use manner. Fantastic work Alan !”  Warrick Pleash Mentor and Financial Coach



I have worked with Alan for the time of 10 weeks and in this relatively short period of time he has proved to be one of the brightest pioneers of human communication of this age.

Laser-sharp, highly valuable & immensely useful responses relating to human traits and their identification are one of the many things that Alan will never disappoint you in.

The exact same applies for his new App “Profile Me”. This App is a short-cut that will swiftly lead you the new and amazing field of understanding people and their true potential, making meaningful human connections & creating businesses that lasts.”  Steve Sojka Visual Communication & Brand Management - Slovak Republic

Alan’s program is fascinating and truly unique. I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it for anyone, especially those in the service industry. Alan never gets it wrong!Also check out the App – ProfileMe. A great guide. Daniel Walsh Owner, Tailored Wealth
…and 3 Years later
“After doing Alan’s program 3 years ago, I still find myself checking the length of one’s philtrum when we first meet in a networking situation. It is an easy trait to read and just stuck with me (as this is one trait my wife and I differ to each other). The shorter the philtrum the more personally I know they will take things. As I have a rather dry sense of humour it reminds me to keep that humour in check until we get to know one another better. In other words, it keeps me out of trouble”
Michelle Lee
Reading faces has become easy and so much fun! I use face profiling in my work to determine clients’ strengths and weaknesses. The ProfileMe app allows my clients to self assess some traits and to profile other people, significantly more increasing their awareness and understanding of how to effectively communicate. Highly recommend this as a fun educational tool and I’ve heard there are more apps on the way!  Michelle Lee, Career & Life Passion Coach, Youth Mentor, Speaker

Alan is a highly intelligent and efficient personality whose professional accomplishment are beyond comparison.  Bob Rose  Independent Education Management Professional, Jasper Georgia USA


Joan Brien

I found Alan helpful and willing to provide any assistance that he could in order to provide me with introductions to influential people that are involved in the welfare of children.  Alan and I both have an interest in helping kids who are having difficulties at school for whatever reason. I can recommend him as a caring professional who has the interests of children at heart.  Joan Brien  Irlen Diagnostician


I have already bought and read your book. It has got a fresh and practical spirit. One of the most mesmerizing parts, which I have never come across before, in this part of science, was the “Inner corner of the eyes, judgement variation”.  It has helped me a lot in social situations and in the context of decision making strategies and their analysis.  S. Sojka  NLP Trainer, Slovakia


Increasing the bottom line of any business is the major goal of management. Staff need the skills to be able to achieve better outcomes. ISIS found that Alan Stevens presentation provided staff with an invaluable tool in increasing the success of sales calls and obtaining a better outcome from negotiations. The presentation ”Reading People and Influencing Behaviours” was very informative and captured the imagination of ISIS staff. I just hope that Alan does not present to any of ISIS’ competitors.”    Stephen McDonald  ISIS Group Australia



I truly enjoyed your talk today – totally captivating.  Alex Myers Principal at McGrath Estate Agents


“It is amazing what Alan can tell about you just by looking at your face and hands. He gave me a detailed description of my strengths and weaknesses which was spot on. It has given me a real insight in to how I can best use my strengths and how I may be misperceived at times. This is really useful information thanks Alan.”  Elaine Murray, Newcastle


When Kyle told me about her son and his situation at school I conducted a profile from photo’s. The following is her account of the process and report on what can be achieved especially when a child’s teachers and carers become part of the process.

Kylie Hutchinson

I had the pleasure of meeting Alan Stevens at a business workshop. He was talking to business owners about utilising social media and creating a persona that protected your business image.

The more he talked the more fascinated I was and as he read the people in the room I thought to myself this guy needs to chaperone me when I go on dates! As he talked you could see his passion for what he does shining through, but he really got excited when he started talking about helping children and identifying strengths in them.

As any parent knows attempting to understand your child is a daily challenge and any help you can get is an added bonus. I have the added issue of having my 7 year old son diagnosed with Asperger’s. After the workshop I approached Alan, not only as a business women, but as a mother who needed help with her child.

Alan very kindly offered to read my son and he initially did this from photos that I emailed him. The letter that he wrote back to me was unbelievable. He described him to a tee. It was comprehensive, easy to understand and explained in simple terms. I printed out copies and gave them to his teachers, after school care providers, the babysitter and family. Everyone that read it was amazed at how well it described my son as well as giving ideas on how to handle him. His teacher has since implemented some of these suggestions, like the way to ask him questions and that he is a ‘big picture, sequential’ child, so she gives instructions in basic logical steps.  The change has been dramatic and life saving.

My son has now got more consistency in how people deal with him, he has settled into the class room environment and we are all aware that his long body means that he needs to move a lot, so we allow him to have breaks to burn up his energy. His reading and writing has improved to make him closer to the top of his class not the bottom and he is much less aggressive. Alan read my son 6 months ago and we have not looked back, he identified a musical appreciation and I have encouraged that to develop, my son would love to be a DJ. I have no musical appreciation and would not have picked up on this without Alan’s help.

I cannot express how grateful I am for Alan’s help and guidance and would strongly recommend anyone to take advantage of his outstanding ability and his willingness to teach others how to do what he does.

Kylie Hutchinson   Fun Director,  Busy and Single

(see Kylie’s videos above)



These are validated recommendations that you’ll find on my LinkedIn page

Rod Mawson

“ It has been a real eye opener working with Alan. Here is a man who is humble in nature and is like an encyclopaedia of information on human behaviour which has lead to the founding of Human Pattern Recognition. I can recommend Alan’s services for both personal and business use. Learn how to create sustainable energy in relationships and communicate to enhance relationships, if you are looking to build the right skills to either pick the right employee or a perfect life partner the skillset that Alan can help you develop are second to none and will serve you through all aspects of life. I recommend everyone should meet sit and chat with this man forget about any judgement that you may have as that’s not what Alan is there to do so just be yourself.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative  Rod Mawson  Yendor Massage 


Julie Ferguson

“Alan spoke at Networking Event for Uniting Bookkeepers on the Art of Reading Faces. Alan was thoughtful and delivered his message targeted to our audience and was thoroughly entertaining when getting to the nitty gritty that people love to know about themselves and others. We will definitely get Alan Stevens to come again to another event to continue with his expertise and wisdom.”  Julie Ferguson, Owner, Uniting Bookkeepers Pty Ltd 


Susan Hart

“Alan Stevens spoke at the Uniting Bookkeepers Networking Event and I was enthralled by the concepts that he was teaching. I came away from the talk with a new sense of understanding of how you can read another person’s body language and gain a better understanding of what they are trying to communicate to you. Excellent skills to have in business and in life.” August 8, 2012  Susan Hart, Co-founder and Director, Uniting Bookkeepers Pty Ltd


Brad Lonergan

“Alan is a man with amazing people skills. He read my nature within minutes of meeting me. Alan has high integrity, and has a passion to help & teach others his amazing skills. He approaches his business with great enthusiasm and absolutely loves what he does.” August 3, 2012   Brad Lonergan, Financial Planner, JSA Group Financial Planning 


David Allchin

“Alan is an expert in his field at reading micro expression, yes he can tell what is on your mind! Don’t panic Alan has a subtle approach and has assisted us in developing our business profile. Alan is great bloke and I highly recommend his work.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  David Allchin  Allchin Solicitors


Richard Windeyer

“Alan’s background and knowledge in human pattern recognition has given me the tools to better connect with my clients. To be able to recognise different personality traits and to know the appropriate way to engage has given me an insight to present the best possible solution for the client. Not only has he given me the tools to better help my client he has also significantly lifted my conversion rates. Alan takes client engagement to a new level. Highly recommended”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity  Richard Windeyer  Mortgage Choice, Newcastle


Steven Dick

“Whilst people shop on line investigate properties on line at some point they still need to engage the services of an agent to sell or lease the home factory office or shop. At some point they still need to contact an agent if they wish to rent or buy. It is at this personal interface moment that I wanted Alan’s help to train and enlighten my staff as to personality traits of the people in front of them. I can highly recommend Alan as an entertaining highly knowledgeable trainer where one session isn’t near enough time to take in all he has to offer but it has made my staff aware of basic individual characteristics.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative  Steven Dick  Raine and Horn Real Estate Newcastle 


Jason Pauling

“I recently had Alan present to my staff in relation to personal traits, decision making and behaviours. Alan’s content was informative and thought provoking – there was considerable discussion on the subject matter for several days! Of all the traits and tendencies discussed in a room of very diverse individuals Alan’s assessments were remarkably accurate including in relation to the types of cars we might drive and the basis of our decision making. The biggest disappointment during the session was that it ended so soon. In terms of exploring teamwork & behaviours from an alternative angle I would recommend a session with Alan – well worth the effort.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative  Jason Pauling  President – Hunter Alumni Network (HAN) at University of Newcastle (UON), Australia


Tiron Manning

“Alan’s expertise in this field is amazing. His passion for educating people about the importance of Human Pattern Recognition, especially in the education sector is inspiring. Alan’s work has the potential to revolutionise the way we teach, nurture and support our young people. I highly recommend anyone interested in finding out more about themselves or people they know to help them or others achieve their potential speak to Alan.”   Tiron Manning, Licensee In Charge/Principal, Newcastle Buyers Agent 



“It has been a real privilege to have worked with Alan.

Alan is not only an expert face profiler, with immense depth of knowledge and understanding of human traits but is also a genuinely caring and sharing kind of man. He is passionate about sharing his expertise with the world so that we can all benefit from improved relationships and communication, joy of pursuing careers we love, improved allocation of students to their ideal career paths, easy recruitment of employees to ideal roles, enhanced understanding of all including our children…and much much more.

Alan is extremely focused and dedicated to his cause. I have been fortunate to be able to book him for two Chamber business group talks which have both been a sell out. His knowledge is so immense and delivered in a fun, easy to understand way, guests have been left inspired and hungry for more!

Would I recommend Alan for your business or personal assessments and learnings? A HUGE “YES”! Book him now while you can!”  Michelle Lee, LifeCoach, UpnAway Life Coaching


Tommy Leung

“Alan is exceptional at what he does. Very engaging and accurate with his readings of people. His readings on my family was an eye opener, he knew things about my son and wife that makes so much sense when you relate it back to traits and features. I highly recommending getting in touch with Alan for personal readings and for business use.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity  Tommy Leung  Club Manager at Genesis Fitness Charlestown


Mark Amos

“Alan’s background in NLP and human pattern recognition has provided us with an insightful and valuable tool in connecting with our clients. Alan’s integrity and expert knowledge is matched by few. I could highly recommend Alan to anyone who is serious about taking their client engagement to a whole new level.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  Mark Amos General Manager at JSA Group





Emma Ziff

“ProfileMe is a fun and incredibly useful tool for relationships.  People to whom I have introduced this App,  have found that it has made a big difference in understanding their partner’s personality traits for better communication.” Emma Ziff – Sex and Relationship Expert


Juliette Prais

“I really enjoyed this unique App as I have never come across anything like it previously. I have already been telling my friends about it and they are very excited. It surprised me how astute and precise it was in summarising my personality.”  Juliette Prais, Pink Lobster Dating


Adrianne Carter

The Profile Me app is a great new tool – easy to use and understand, it will help all understand this very powerful way of understanding themselves and others and decoding the personality via the face.  Adrianne Carter -  General Manager at Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd.  Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom


Bernadette Elwin

Profile Me is an effective application that uses a person’s facial features to get an understanding on how one’s facial features influence the behaviors of others.  Bernadette Elwin – Teacher/Director at North End Child Care Learning Center, Rhode Island, USA


“This App has helped me to see why my wife and I sometimes misunderstand each other.  It has made me more patient with her and her with me.  I would recommend this App to anyone in a relationship.”  David Jones – Elite Stationers


In iTunes and Google Play every review has been a 5 star rating.

 iTUNES Customer Reviews

5 Star Interesting by Periwinkles

Awesome App – I have learnt so much for this App! From both a parent and a teachers point of view – invaluable !!!


5 Star ”Such an amazing app! This is one of the most educational apps ever! My family have all used it to profile each other and it’s amazing to see what was there all along. Great for parents and their children and professionals who need to know more about their clients and associates.”  tommysocial

Check out  iTUNES for more reviews


GOOGLE PLAY Customer Reviews

5 Star “Great app. Loved it great for people with a lot of clientele.”   Jacqueline Stevens


5 Star “Reading faces has become easy and so much fun! I use face profiling in my work to determine clients’ strengths and weaknesses. This app allows my clients to self assess some traits and to profile other people, significantly more increasing their awareness and understanding of how to effectively communicate. Highly recommend this as a fun educational tool. Heard there are more on the way!”  Michelle Lee. Coach


5 Star “Downloaded app today can’t wait to delve further into ProfileMe and facial profiling. I can see straight away how such a tool can improve relationships, personal through to corporate. I will be passing it in to my clients seeking help with partners and business.”  Andrew Fenwick Author ‘Better Choices for a Better Me’, Optimum Wellness Mentor and Speaker

Check out  GOOGLE PLAY for more reviews



“I’ve just downloaded ProfileMe, and I know from meeting with Alan that his knowledge is eeerily accurate, so looking forward to playing with this app with my friends.”  Adam Price   Professional Singer & Specialist Seniors Entertainer


Matty Nordsvan

If you are in sales like me , and you have to communicate with people on every level and you have no Idea about NLP or have had no DISC training , Then you need the Profile me app from Alan Stevens , I use it when I cant read somebody and Walla it gives me a clearer picture on how close to stand to them , What they Relate to and how I should communicate with them. Probably its the best 2 bucks I have ever spent ,  go grab it today – ProfileMe.  Matty Nordsvan Radio Advertising Consultant 2HD/NEWFM, Newcastle, Australia


Julian Campbell

Understanding people’s profile traits is the foundation of communication and connection with people. Alan’s App ProfileMe is a great way to get started in understanding ourselves and others so that we treat them the way they should be treated and improve all our relationships.  Julian Campbell Experienced Business and Executive Coach and Trainer, Newcastle, Australia


Joan Brien2

Alan has made an App called “Profile Me” to provide insight into how we can work out someone’s personality and traits based on their facial features. It is very interesting to see how our faces can be indicators of our personalities. I recommend it to all those who have clients or employees so that they can have an insight into the best way to interact with them.  Joan Brien  Irlen Diagnostician, Newcastle, Australia



“The Face – How to get your ideal career to match your personality”


5 out of 5 stars 

By M. Kirby-Yoder (Ardencroft, DE USA) 

Amazon Verified Purchase review December 11, 2012

I use this book to help my gaming and story design students learn which facial features are pertinent to capture when creating fictional characters from scratch and WHY. While real life humans are extremely complex and more than the sum of our parts, we do subconsciously attribute traits with features. Our brains are wired to find patterns in all things.

I also use it with my film students ONE of the tools they can use for casting purposes. It helps them to define and articulate the (ever-illusive) “look”.

What I like about this book:

1. It is NOT written in technical jargon.
2. It goes through the face feature by feature
5. Provides Traits and Types
6. Does not propose to be a science but rather an art.

What I do not like about this book:
1. No print version
2. Images are not blown up. That is not to say they are small, but you have to look at the images sometimes to really key in. But then, if he used circles and arrows someone might feel that is too distracting.

Overall, this is a terrific book an excellent tool for anyone to learn the basics of facial features.


5 out of 5 stars

By EMAD - Amazon Verified Purchase review April 2, 2013

The best thing about this book, is that not only it focuses on reading the major effective face traits (Also rate them well), but also it reads in clusters.

Although it is considered to be just an introduction to career counselling from face reading, but still, it is a very good one. I mean the clusters read area maximum of 3 traits per job.

Moreover, the job matching was done very good with the face traits. I am excited to get a career counselling advice from Alan myself.