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Personality Profiles

  • Jan 07 / 2016
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Personality Profiles

Personality Profiles

To understand other people better, it is advisable to understand yourself as part of the process.  It’s even better if you understand yourself first. A personality profile report will equip you with the knowledge of:

  • why you do the things you do
  • what careers, hobbies and sports suit your personality
  • how others see you
  • how to better relate to other people


Order a profile for yourself, your partner and your children.

Build a better relationship with your partner.

Understand and guide your children to a better future.


You can choose a;

  • Full Profile will give you an in depth report on your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you direction in selecting Careers, Hobbies and Sports that match your personality. A great starting point for teenage students and mature age individuals looking for a new direction in life.  This profile is also the starting point for understand your child, helping them work through issues and to guide them through the turbulent school years ahead.
  • Perceived Image Profile will give you an understanding of what people see and think when they first meet. It will give you advice on what you can do to connect with them more effectively and build rapport with them much faster than ever before.

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Examples of outcomes from profiles

The following videos are short examples of what knowledge and what benefits you can gain from getting a profile done now.


 Alex Luther Managing Director, Accumulate Pty Ltd for a couple’s profile

He and his partner wanted to build on their relationship



 Michael Griffiths The Referral Network Guru for his 2 year old daughter



 James Short of GoalsTribe talks about the Personality Profile done for his 8 year old daughter


Both options will give you a comprehensive written report for adults or an audio report where the person profiled is a child. After to receive and digest the contents of the report, a follow consultation can be arranged. Especially in the case where the profile has been conducted for couple’s relationships and children and youth profiles.

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 Please ensure that your photos are taken with the same angles as the examples in the form.  Without glasses, hair away from the face and ears fully exposed.  The better quality the image, the more we can see and report back to you on