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Rapid Pattern Profiling for Advanced Communications

  • Jul 28 / 2016
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Rapid Pattern Profiling for Advanced Communications


This is an Advanced Communications Skills program designed to enhance work place productivity, increase sales and build teamwork to maximise profits and cooperation. Designed for Counsellors, Coaches, Business and Professionals who want to grow their business fast.


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It is a unique program, the first of its kind globally, using the latest and innovative Rapid Trait Profiling Techniques to:

  • enable you to identify people’s traits and their behavioural patterns. Through innovative communication processes you will be able to engage clients, staff and reduce bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • identify buying traits of prospect to reduce sales cycles and enhance closing rates.

This is a Multi Module Integrated Training program
Consists of 6 modules, several delivered concurrently over 12 sessions and integrated to guide the professionals through building the skills to grow their business.

By the end of the training they will:

  • Know how Profiling and Behavioural Patterns can be used to:
    • Engage employees and teams more effectively
    • Reduce and resolve workplace conflict
    • Enhance the sales processes
  • Have a full understanding of the traits and behaviours of different personalities and character.
  • Be able to assess anyone in a matter of minutes to understand their buying motives and preferred communication styles
  • Be able to assess people from their website or social media profiles and prepare presentations and proposals that match the person’s traits.


Combined Training and Assessment
These programs will include follow up assessment to ensure the training is implemented, expertise is gained and proven by the completion of the training program.

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This program is an expansion of the RISING STAR Program