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Rapid Trait Profiling

  • Jan 04 / 2016
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Rapid Trait Profiling

 Human Trait Recognition (HTR)


Having the skills of HTR gives you the skill to recognise and understand a person’s personality. HTR equips you to be able to find out more about a person in a matter minutes than a professional can find out in hours of questions and answers.  And all of this through just seeing them in person or photographs.


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Course Outline

The Coaching Program is delivered in 8 x 1.5 hour sessions conducted either Face-to-Face or On-Line

The frequency of the sessions will be controlled by your availability and your ability to complete assignments between session. Sessions can be Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly, set to a mutually agreeable time and day. This allows you to practice what you have learnt so far and to compile your own questions for the following session.

Between each session the student will be required to complete certain tasks including assessment work; which we will reassess together during following sessions.

You to get the maximum return and benefit from the training.

Prior to the commencement date you will receive a manual and associated materials.  You will add to these resources as you progress through the course; expanding your resource base.

By the end of the course you will be able to assess, with ease, features from both photographs and from “face to face” encounters.  The skills will help you to improve relationships, build rapport faster and with ease, and connect with people you would otherwise not have.

The course will equip you with;

  • An understanding and appreciation for the background and history of Human Trait Recognition and Rapid Trait Profiling
  • An appreciation for the development of the features and the science behind each the art and each trait
  • Learn to recognise each of the 68 traits
  • Learn to assess each of the 68 traits
  • Assess traits in their 5 specific groups
  1. Physical traits
  2. Automatic Expression traits
  3. Action traits
  4. Feeling and Emotion traits
  5. Thinking traits
  • Recognise their connection to different careers, sports and hobbies
  • Learn how to evaluate traits in cluster
  • Build a “picture” of an individual’s overall personality through the evaluation of traits in clusters
  • Recognise at which age each trait can appear.
  • You will be able to read the personality traits of any individual you meet.
  • Learn how to counsel traits and trait clusters

You will work through 12 individual sets of photographs; some with the instructor and others between sessions as assignments. The results will add to your resource manual as you progress.

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