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The Skills

  • Sep 18 / 2015
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The Skills

The Art Of Reading People brings together the major skills of understanding situations and people in the one process called Rapid Pattern Profiling.

To read someone fully you need to read both the conscious and the unconsciously leaked indicators to what people are thinking and how they prefer to behave.  HPR brings together the reading of Body Language, Micro and Subtle Expressions, Human Trait Recognition and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Body Language is a form of non-verbal communication consisting of conscious and unconscious body pose, gestures, and eye movements. People send and often interpret these signals subconsciously, but without knowing what they are seeing they often interpret them incorrectly. Reading one gesture on its own and giving it a universal meaning will lead you down the wrong path.  In attempting to read how a person feels, you need to read the indicators in context with the situation and in clusters.

Micro and Subtle Expressions are very fast facial movements that are unconscious responses to situations. Often between 1/5th to 1/25th of a second in duration they come and go before the person can consciously stop them. Although many facial expressions are more significant to different cultures, there are 7 that are the same for everyone and it is those 7 expressions that tell you the person is concealing something.  On their own they don’t tell you that someone is lying, but they do tell you that something is not right.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).  It’s about using words to build rapport, repattern behaviours and to enhance situations for the use of the other components of Human Pattern Recognition.  Too often practitioners get side tracked in talking about and teaching the techniques of NLP when it should simply be a focus of help people finding ways to have better, fuller and richer lives.

Rapid Trait Profiling is the reading of facial features and their correlation to the way the person prefers to behave and the connection to their personalities.  Facial features are a living history of the long term repeated expressions we make.  They reflect the way each of us prefer to behave and hence reflect our individual personalities.  Just as no one body language gesture determines how someone feels in a situation, no one feature alone defines the individuals personality. The power of HTR is in recognising the different traits and evaluating their combined impact.  Not limited by constrains of traditional psychometric analysis, when reading human traits we can see each person as a unique individual.

The Power of Rapid Pattern Profiling comes from the combined properties of the 4 skills.  Although I’m assessed at reading micro and subtle expressions at master and professional level, like all of the best readers, the greatest accuracy one can expect in real life situations comes down to around 70% when skilled in reading micro and subtle expressions alone.  This improves when combined with reading body language; looking for changes in their physiology and body gesture.  Add NLP to the mix helps to confirm what your picking up and to sets the scene for further investigation.  And capping that with Human Trait Recognition brings it all together for the greatest advantage and accuracy in reading people.

We all make judgements about people every moment of every day.  Our success in achieving great relationships and cooperation is in making the right judgements, which was my reason for creating Human Pattern Recognition.