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Imagine being able to Persuade and Influence Behaviours and Outcomes of everyone around you

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People only do business or associate with people the know, like and trust. So being able to read people and build instant rapport is absolutely essential to building those relationships. Once you know how to read people in one area of your life, you can read them in all areas and situations

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No Barrier

By Alan Stevens | July 23, 2016

Is Rapid Trait Profiling the same as DISC or MBTI? Or like any of the hundreds of other psychometric or psychological profiling systems? Absolutely not! Unlike all of those psychometric tests, Rapid Trait Profiling has no limitations to where it can be used. RTP doesn’t have the restrictions that every other system has. It’s not…

Team Guru’s David Frizzel in an interview with Alan Stevens

By Alan Stevens | July 3, 2016

Imagine being able to read someone’s personality the minute you meet them – just by observing their facial features – facial profiling.   The benefits would be incredible – you’d know how to approach them physically, engage in the type of conversations they’d most enjoy, predict how they make decisions and much more.   My…

Guiding Children

By Alan Stevens | May 30, 2016

Testimonials by Parents The following are a number of testimonials from parents regarding the results they gained from understanding their children better.  These same skills are available to teachers to have better control in the class room and have better relationships with their students, which can only lead to an enriched teaching experience.   Some…

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Robyn McAlpine,
Creator at Skinside Out, Newcastle, Australia

Alan has proven that language, culture, and upbringing are no boundaries to his abilities. Despite not speaking the same language, Alan recently helping me with two young Hindi street kids I met in India. I was at a loss as to how to best help them when we only spoke English, and they Hindi. Alan was able to give me thorough and accurate information regarding their natural abilities, their learning styles and their interests. The more time I spent

Paul Battaglia,
Digital Junction

As a business owner in the IT services game, I found that I was not very successful in engaging with prospects. I had a tendency of talking to much and losing people very early on in the sales process. After attending Alan’s course, I got a better understanding of myself and how I need to engage with different types of people. 

Six months down the track, I find that I’m better at engaging and building relationships with prospects and customers. My conversion rates are much higher than prior to the attending the course.

Jason Pauling  
President – Hunter Alumni Network (HAN) at University of Newcastle (UON), Australia

recently had Alan present to my staff in relation to personal traits, decision-making and behaviours. Alan’s content was informative and thought provoking – there was considerable discussion on the subject matter for several days! Of all the traits and tendencies discussed in a room of very diverse individuals Alan’s assessments were remarkably accurate including in relation to the types of cars we might drive and the basis of our decision making. The biggest disappointment during the session was that it ended so soon. In terms of exploring teamwork & behaviours from an alternative angle I would recommend a session with Alan – well worth the effort

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