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Reading Faces

  • Apr 04 / 2015
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Reading Faces

The Newcastle Herald describes Alan as

“The Mentalist meets Dr Phil”

What can you expect to learn?

“I have worked with Alan for the time of 10 weeks and in this relatively short period of time he has proved to be one of the brightest pioneers of human communication of this age.

Laser-sharp, highly valuable & immensely useful responses relating to human traits and their identification are one of the many things that Alan will never disappoint you in.

The exact same applies for his new Apps “Profile Me” and “ProfileMatch”. These Apps are a short-cut that will swiftly lead you to the new and amazing field of understanding people and their true potential, making meaningful human connections & creating businesses that lasts.”  Steve Sojka Visual Communication & Brand Management - Slovak Republic (find this and other recommendations on my LinkedIn page)


My mission is to provide training at the highest level to individuals and businesses so that they have a better understanding of themselves and learn to read people with greater accuracy, build successful relationships and improve communications.

My goal is to train my competition in the Art of Reading People as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of integrity in the services and products I’ve created.

Find out more about Alan and why he has make these skills available to the world in THE PROFILER tab here in this website



Read and Understand People with the World’s First Professional Profiling App.

ProfileMe App on itunes App Store

Say Goodbye to Bad First Impressions

ProfileMe is a Face Profiling APP that shows you how to understand yourself better and to recognize how other people prefer to behave by looking at the person’s Facial Features. This is no silly toy. If you’re looking for an app to take a photo and do the profile for you, then this app is not for you. If you want to become a Face Reader then buy it now and start practicing. The more you use it the more expert you’ll become. Profile yourself or profile anyone you like and learn how to READ them all at a glance. It looks at 7 major traits that are easily recognizable in yourself or any person you meet. Discover the traits that indicate:

  • Confidence
  • Friendliness
  • Tolerance
  • Humor
  • Generosity
  • How people view their world
  • Personal Magnetism

Profile Me is the beginning to a new world of understanding relationships. Also check out Profile Match and learn how to take Profiling to another level and learn how to talk to different personality types for better relationships. Juliette Prais from Pink Lobster Dating

Download ProfileMe from… 

ProfileMe App available on the App StoreProfileMe Andriod App available on Google Play

  “ProfileMe is a fun and incredibly useful tool for relationships.  People to whom I have introduced this App,  have found that it has made a big difference in understanding their partner’s personality traits for better communication.” Emma Ziff – Sex and Relationship Expert

iTunes Customer Reviews 5 Star  Awesome App – I have learnt so much for this App! From both a parent and a teachers point of view – invaluable !!! by Periwinkles   5 Star  Such an amazing app!  This is one of the most educational apps ever! My family have all used it to profile each other and it’s amazing to see what was there all along. Great for parents and their children and professionals who need to know more about their clients and associates. Great job Alan Stevens.  by tommysocial   Google Play Customer Reviews  5 Star Great app Loved it great for people with a lot of clientele. Jacqueline Stevens   5 Star Reading faces has become easy and so much fun! I use face profiling in my work to determine clients’ strengths and weaknesses. This app allows my clients to self assess some traits and to profile other people, significantly more increasing their awareness and understanding of how to effectively communicate. Highly recommend this as a fun educational tool. Heard there are more on the way! Michelle Lee Coach


Profile Match 

Learn how to Speak to a Person’s Traits with Profile Match

ProfileMe App on itunes App Store

Profile Match will take you to an all new level of understanding and building relationships

Build rapport instantly

Like ProfileMe, Profile Match is no novelty toy. It’s a genuine business and relationship building tool. It will show you how to build stronger relationships, especially with those special people in your life .  Profile Match could even help you find your perfect partner. Profile Match will show you how to talk to each person based on their individual personalities. Where ProfileMe showed you how to read personalities, Profile Match will help you speak to people much more effectively and far more easily. The more you use Profile Match – the more you’ll be able to understand what drives other people. It will show you how to connect with them and build rapport faster than ever before. Double your pleasure and also download my first app ProfileMe. With Profile Match and ProfileMe together you’ll have more than double the fun.

Download Profile Match from… 

ProfileMe App available on the App StoreProfileMe Andriod App available on Google Play



The Face – How to get your ideal career to match your personality


The Biggest life decision a student will make is what career they should follow when they leave school.

“The Face – How to get your ideal careers to match your personality” is dedicated to Reading Human Traits; and in particular it is written for secondary school students, their parents and teachers.

Get Your Copy Here

The Face - ebook by Alan Steven 
  ProfileMe Andriod App available on Google Play

By EMAD – Amazon Verified Purchase review April 2, 2013 The best thing about this book, is that not only it focuses on reading the major effective face traits (Also rate them well), but also it reads in clusters. Although it is considered to be just an introduction to career counselling from face reading, but still, it is a very good one. I mean the clusters read area maximum of 3 traits per job. Moreover, the job matching was done very good with the face traits. I am excited to get a career counselling advice from Alan myself.